Financial advising-written by industry professionals

Meetings aimed at the request and submission of the practice or apply for public funding for purchases of equipment or for facilities issued by various institutes in charge of industry.
Thanks to the strong Italian experience, services were extended abroad in perfect symbiosis with the globalization of markets, which helped consecrate A.Z. Agency Srl, among the leading companies in the field of hosiery, working in synergy with continued growth in different markets. 
Management consultancy To coaching at your purchasing department. We can optimize your purchasing, in obtaining materials or goods through a collaborative synergy aimed at achieving substantial savings. On specific evaluations we can interface with our experts with your supervisors, finalizing the actual acquisition costs in a constructive and practical at the same time streamlining where possible and ensuring of reflex save to your firm. Subject only to you-making choices in absolute terms of investments and purchases.

Technological innovation

We can follow in all levels the Registrations of patents.
With preliminary discussions aimed at assessing project feasibility, presentation and storage of the same patent. Allowing a qualifying product, and distinguished by the various working diversifying competitors present, with traditional or obsolete products.

Service parts

In the new administrative offices-show in Medole in Via Ester Martini n.36, also we can supply pieces related to the most popular brands-brands in the industry: (UNION-DETEXOMAT-TAKATORY MATEC-LONATI-SOLIS-RAFI-SCHMETZ CUBOTEX- SGF).
Our spare parts service can provide all the mechanical and electronic parts for all machines currently on the market and with the possibility of producing pieces on specific request, or a sample provided by the customer.

Service and equipment review

Using workshops responsible and qualified technicians with many years of experience for brands such as: UNION/DETEXOMAT/TAKATORY/RIMOLDI/ MAUSER/SRA/COURTESE … etc etc
We can provide a service review and optimization of your obsolete machinery, replacing all worn parts and production management perspective, enhancing the machine to original production levels, and improved where possible. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, such as stepper motors, with latest-generation electronic management by plc or remote, and with production management statistics.