20 March 2018


From May 30th to June 2nd you will find us at the Brixia Forum in Brescia for the fifth edition of the international fair for machinery and accessories in the textile sector.
Fimast is the exhibition that, every three years, opens the scenarios on the major manufacturers of textile machines, yarns and accessories proposing the latest world news on textile knitting machines for soks.
You can find us in Hall N. D23 / 25 – E24 / 26, we are waiting for you!

The company A.Z.AGENCY Srl is the “SUMMARY” of an experience, operative born on the territory and Hinterland of Castel Goffredo, capital of the Calzetteria. Experience developed over several decades thanks to a continuous collaboration with Calzetteria of the Calzetteria district.
Our team of professional CONSULTANTS and sector experts is at your disposal for an active collaboration.
A.Z. AGENCY Srl following a selective and skimming work in the various sectors, will be in the
condition to help you solve or optimize YOUR REQUESTS allowing your company a saving and optimization of your human resources, in the various sectors, UNICELOly remaining to YOU ​​the LATEST decision-making choices for investments and purchases.

We are able to follow patent registrations on ALL LEVELS. Preliminary meetings aimed at assessing the feasibility of the patent project, up to the presentation and filing of the same. Allowing a WORKING QUALIFICATION of its product, diversifying and distinguishing itself from the various competitors present, with TRADITIONAL or OBSOLETE products.

In the new Administrative – Commercial headquarters at MEDOLE in Via Ester Martini n. 36, we can also supply pieces related to the most popular brands – brands in the sector (UNION – DETEXOMAT – TAKATORY – MATEC – LONATI – SOLIS – RIMOLDI – SCHMETZ – CUBOTEX – SGF).
Our spare parts service can supply all the mechanical and electronic parts for all the machines currently on the market, and with the possibility of producing pieces on specific request by design, or on a sample supplied by the customer himself.

Using qualified workshops and qualified technicians with long-term experience for brands such as: DETEXOMAT / UNION / TAKATORY / RIMOLDI / MAUSER / SRA / CORTESE etc.
We can provide a SERVICE OF REVISION and OPTIMIZATION of your OBSOLETE machines, with REPLACEMENT OF ALL USURED parts and redeveloping the machine UNDER THE PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PROFILE, bringing it to original and improving production levels using the latest technologies, such as stepper motors, with PLC, and last generation electronic controls REMOTE, WITH PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT STATISCHE.

DIAMOND POINT of the exhibition will be the presentation of:

The innovative AZ Evolution,

Synthesis of new patented technological concepts such as:

Possibility of constructing the machine on the basis of a technical sheet requested by the customer

Command settings using the Evolution software that can be managed via a touch screen

NEW Turret body with new electric rotation system

NEW Interchangeable tube base with different diameters

NEW Overlock with diversifiable stitching with yarn management system for special stitching

Standard or close overlock plate

Electrical consumption contained

Silence of the machine

Exhaust stocking by half dream or distender

Cucipunte AZ Lady-Soks

Unique sewing machine able to sew tights, women’s socks and round seam on terry socks.

AZ-LANGUAGE AZ-LADYII processes necessary to get the seam are:

Management by touch screen with software managed in two languages.

Load of socks by the operator

Automatic tilting of the sock

Automatic alignment of the stocking tip

Sewing station

Sewing control

Automatic straightening of the stocking

Drain with bell / Dream